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To fun that is! Corvette's of Minnesota events are for more than Corvette owners! Autocross Events, Social Parties, Road Rallies; name it, we have fun with cars of all ages and sizes! Check out the benefits of becoming a member!

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Corvette Events in Minnesota

One of the most exciting and easy ways for you to enjoy time behind the wheel of your car is at one of our autocross events. An autocross is a timed event; running against the clock you compete by going from start to the finish line in the shortest amount of time on a flat paved surface (such as a very large parking lot).

Doesn't sound hard? Well, there are plenty of orange marker cones to guide you through the corners making navigation an exercise in strategy and skill. Believe it or not this is a national sport and "watching" it is not the same as experiencing it for yourself! Get in the seat, give it a try... We guarantee you'll be hooked.

COM is conducting two autocross events, both at Dakota County Technical College (DCTC), in 2013.  The first will be held on June 30th in cooperation with the Nord Stern Region of the Porsche Club of America.  The second will be held on September 15th.  SEE FLYERS FOR BOTH EVENTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE for more details.

Social Events

COM plays host to three social events each calendar year.  In January we hold our annual Winter Awards Banquet where we honor those who have had success in the competition events that we are a part of locally and regionally with NCCC.  We also honor those members who contribute to the club's success in special ways.  Great door prizes and good food highlight the evening.  In August we put on a picnic  as we fill an area park's parking lot with Corvettes.  Over 70 people attended our 50th Anniversary picnic in 2010.  Our annual Christmas party is held in early December where great potluck food and bench racing make for an enjoyable evening.

COM is also a co-sponsor of two additional social events each year including the Met Council and Minnesota Autosports Club awards party held each January, where the winners of local autocross series championships are honored.  We also help sponsor the annual Corvette Chili Challenge in March that features great chili and comradeship with several other Corvette Clubs in the Twin Cities area.

COM members meet monthly, the first Wednesday of each month EXCEPT January, at 8:00 PM in the party room at DAVANNI'S PIZZA at the corner of 86th and Lyndale Ave. in Bloomington, MN.  SEE MAP TO MEETING LOCATION at the attachment below.

Event Results

Results for our June 24th and September 9th 2012 autocross events will be added as attachments to this tab when the events are completed and scored.   Results for our 2011 events are also available below. 

Schedule of Events

We coordinate most of our events through the Metropolitan Council of Sports Car Clubs to give you the best events with little concern of overlapping other clubs events going on in the Twin Cities metro area.

You can view the schedule below or download the schedule at the bottom of the page.

Road Rallies


Over the years, Corvettes of Minnesota has put on a variety of rallyes including "Hare and Hound", Time-Speed-Distance (TSD), "Picture", "Monte Carlo", and other types of creative events. Currently the Rallyes that have proven most in line with our members interests are what are described as "Chance" or "Gimmick" rallyes.

The format typically includes registration and signing of insurance waivers, a brief technical inspection to assure the safety of the cars, distribution of "General Instructions" describing the event as well as "Route Instructions" indicating the roads to be followed (and generally the mileage at each change of road), and an enjoyable drive through the countryside. Along the way, entrants may have some "games" to play such as drawing a poker hand, rolling dice to get the highest total, filling out a crossword puzzle, or a skill contest such as tossing Hot Wheels cars into buckets to score points. There is no limit to the creativity of the games!

We always attempt to make the route very easy to follow, with the intent that no one should be frustrated trying to stay on course. Speeds should generally be normal driving speeds, with some extra time allowed for reading signs and completing tasks. A typical event might take two to three hours, and is likely to include a rest stop (sometimes a checkpoint to play a game; sometimes a stop for ice cream or at an orchard). At the end point, scores are determined and awards may be given out. The end point typically is at a restaurant or club with moderately priced food and beverages.

Our Rallye events are open to both members and non-members, driving Corvettes or other vehicles. A driver and navigator are required for the events. If the Rallye happens to be sanctioned by the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) the entrant must be an NCCC member, in a Corvette, to receive points, but non-members and other vehicles are still wecome to participate.

For our club, the term "Rallye" indicates some level of competition, although most of the "Chance"and "Gimmick" events often take on more of a fun than competitive tone. We may also hold an occassional "Cruise", which is simply an organized drive on a common route, without the competitive component. In either case, our routes are strictly limited to paved roads only.

Car Shows
Corvettes of Minnesota is a co-sponsor and active participant in the annual General Motors Car Clubs Association (GMCCA) car show. This large show is held the first weekend of June each year at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. In addition, many COM members show their prize Corvettes at other car shows and concours events held throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.